Research Interests:

  • Internet of Things
  • Pervasive Systems
  • Distributed Computing
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Algorithmic Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Some recent topics of focus:

  • The Application of the Mobile and Pervasive Computing in the Smart City - Rapid developments in data, computing, and communications technologies combined with innovations in materials, energy, and transportation networks are used to enable smarter data-driven urban applications, enabling Smart Cities to emerge across the world. In this setting, data innovation and mobile and pervasive computing can serve those who live, work, and visit these metropolitan areas. These technologies are central in generating civic innovation, where the best ideas are developed, amplified, and scaled. Moreover, the emergence of Smart Cities brings new challenges regarding adoption and sustainability.
  • Algorithm Engineering for Collective Ambient Intelligence - We are going through a new phase of computing evolution that involves processing capabilities in everything: objects, places, people, and processes. The realization of the vision of Collective Ambient Intelligence involves significant developments in terms of algorithm engineering, from the organization, exchange, and analysis of data; to interconnecting smart sensors and intelligent devices with groups of peoples; to pilots reporting recent developments in real-world deployments; to examining new issues of ethics, privacy, and security.
  • Recent Advances Technologies for Intelligent Sensing in Augmented Reality Environments - As global telecommunication market shift towards the 5G era, it becomes obvious that it is now realistic to expect the delivery of new application experiences that utilize augmented reality (AR) technologies and provide end users with real time as well as real world information from the sensor data collected.
  • Gamification, Playfulness, and Ludicity in Intelligent Environments - New types of interactions are emerging that combine methods and techniques for developing playful elements with the potential of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) paradigm to directly link actions, decisions and events happening in real-life with in-game educational progress and modern gaming technologies.
  • Advances in Sensors for Sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Buildings - New ICT technologies are being developed for the intelligent management and control of appliances that provide reliable data to citizens and guide them to achieve a change in behavior and consumption practices.
  • Techno-Human Collective Systems for Smart Cities Innovation - The coexistence and cooperation of embedded systems with our social life is unveiling a brand new era of exciting possibilities.


Contact Info:

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    Rome 00185, Italy

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