Internet of Things

  • Spark Works: An IoT Edge-Analytics Platform
  • Sensorflare: Add Intelligence to your Smart Home
  • uberdust: A web application for accessing date collected from Wireless Sensor Networks and controlling Wireless Actuator Networks through REST interfaces
  • FRONTS: A software for organizing adaptive societies of tiny artifacts
  • WiseViz: A library for real-time visualization and plots of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • WiseML: A library for handling WiseML using JIBX
  • WiseLib: algorithm library for sensor networks.
  • mksense: A library for application development in heterogeneous Wireless Sensor & Actuator Networks
  • Fun in Numbers (FinN): A platform for developing mobile, locative and collaborative distributed games
  • WebDust: Wireless sensor network application development environment
  • DAP: Distributed algorithms platform


  • Neda: Management of research projects
  • Μητρώο-ΔΥ: Registry for employees of the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
  • DAMS: Digital assets management system

Web Games

  • Multiplayer Napoleonic Strategy Game
  • Multiplayer Fantasy Strategy Game