Internet Of Things2020-Assignment 1

Elective in Internet of Things

(A. A. 2019/2020)

First Assignment

In this assignment you will create a cloud-based IoT system that collects information from a set of virtual environmental sensors using the MQTT protocol. You will also create a simple web site to display the data collected from the sensors.

Virtual Sensors

Using your favorite programming language you need to create a stand-alone program that represents a virtual environmental station that generates periodically a set of random values for 5 different sensors:

  1. temperature (-50 ... 50 Celsius)
  2. humidity (0 ... 100%)
  3. wind direction (0 ... 360 degrees)
  4. wind intensity (0 ... 100 m/s)
  5. rain height (0 ... 50 mm / h)

The virtual environmental station uses a unique ID (identity) to publish these random values on an MQTT channel. You need to have at least 2 such virtual stations running and publishing their values on the MQTT channel.

Cloud-based IoT Backend

The MQTT is controled by the cloud-based backend. Depending on your assignment you will need to implement the backend using one of the following technologies:

Web-based Dashboard

Using your favorite programming language and web development libraries develop a web site that provides the following functionality:

  • Display the latest values received from all the sensors of a specified environmental station.
  • Display the values received during the last hour from all environmental station of a specified sensor.

What/How to submit

  • Create a YouTube video with a 3 minute demonstration of your system.
  • Create a Blog Post where you present a hands-on tutorial on how to setup and run your system.
  • Create a GitHub repository where you will push all your code and scripts that are need to realize the above assignment, along with a main file where you provide links to your video and post.