Internet Of Things2023-Delivery 1

Elective in Internet of Things Algorithms and Services

(A. A. 2022/2023)

First Delivery of Group Project

The first delivery focuses on the main concept and the design aspects of the platform that will be developed during the group project. During the presentation you should focus on the following questions:

  1. What is the problem and why do you need IoT?
  2. What are the connected components, the protocols to connect them and the overall IoT architecture?
  3. What data are collected and by which sensors?
  4. What data prediction model best fits the selected sensors ?
  5. What are you going to learn and how will you act into the environment by what actuators?
  6. What are the constraints? How often? Bandwidth? Latency? Energy? Duty Cycle?
  7. To which external services you will connect to and what kind of collective intelligence do you expect to emerge?
  8. How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your actions into the environment?
  9. What is the plan and what are the metrics (quantitative, not qualitative) to evaluate the performance

Additional information about the first delivery are given during the class and communicated through the Google Classroom system.


On Tuesday, 4th of April, during the class hours (11:00-15:00) each group will get 5 minutes to present their work, answer to questions and get feedback.

What to submit

  1. A public Github repository with a readme file that includes, in the following order:
    • name of the project,
    • the people participating in the group, with link to their linkedin pages,
    • a brief description (1 paragraph) of the main idea of the product/service.
    • links to the documents presenting the Concept, Design, Evaluation (see below).
    • link to the video (see below).
  2. A separate mark-down document in the repository (called "Concept") providing details on the service from the user point of view.
  3. A separate mark-down document in the repository (called "Design") providing details on the technical aspects of the service, including a high-level presentation of the conceptual architecture of the software and hardware components that make up the service, a description of the main software/hardware components (e.g., 1 paragraph for each component), the core algorithms that will be required, how these components interact (e.g., algorithms, network protocols, APIs used), a network architecture clearly depicting the IoT elements, Edge components, Cloud components, End-user components.
  4. A separate mark-down document in the repository (called "Evaluation") providing details on how to performance of the service will be evaluated, (i) during the development of the project, (ii) when the first complete version of the system will be ready for use. The document needs to describe the evaluation methodology for both the overall system as well as each individual components and define specific key performance indicators that will be measured, tools that will be used.
    The document should clearly address the following aspects:
    • The evaluation of the performance of the network technologies.
    • The evaluation of the performance of the algorithms used.
    • The evaluation of the performance of the embedded devices in terms of power consumption and energy efficiency.
    • The evaluation of the response time from an end-user point of view.
  5. A presentation of the service, key functionalities and core components of maximum 3 seconds.
    • The video needs to be uploaded as public youtube video.
    • The youtube video page needs to provide information on the project and links to the github page.

How to submit

All the required material needs to be published under the same github repository. The students need to submit the link to the github repository through the Google Classroom system.